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Resource List
You can also follow Sex Positive Parenting on facebook.  The post below is from them.  
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  1. Do you know a graphic designer who might donate their services to create a badge and symbol for this project?  
  2. Do you have other ideas for the name of this project? (It is currently Consent Culture Pledge.)
  3. If you are ELCA, are you able to help organize some resolutions for local synods?  For example, if a synod were to get the consent culture badge, a Bishop would have to be one of the trained people.  (Check out this post.  I've heard so many stories of Bishop's blowing off Young Clergy Women pastors who report unwanted touches or comments on their bodies by Old Clergy Men at synod events.  Clearly, the Council of Bishops is confused about consent culture.  Can we get a resolution together that requires that Bishops take some training on consent culture at the Council of Bishops meetings? Can we set aside funding, and require any Bishop who hasn't taken this training within the first year of their first term and once every 10 years to donate at least $500 of their person money to local sexual assault centers?)  
  4. Are there other pieces to this project you'd like to help organize?
  5. What do you think about the items in the pledge?  Would you add to them, change them?  
  6. What can you do to help more congregations in your area commit to consent culture?
  7. Who else might we need to connect with to create this change? Who do you know?
  8. What do you think would happen if larger numbers of churches did this work on behalf of God's love for all people?  Do you think enough people are in church that it would change the national culture?  How many churches do you think would be willing to do this?
  9. P.S.  All comments that resemble the graphic below will not be approved.