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On January 5, 2020, I had the privilege and honor of being presented as a Pastoral Candidate at the Lutheran Church of Martha and Mary in Mt. Prospect, IL.  The congregation is planning to vote on extending me a call on January 12, 2020.  Below, you will find several videos.  The first one is the Kid's Time sermon.  The second is the Adult Sermon.  The third is the entire service for those who may have missed it and wish to view it before discerning if I'm called to be their next called Pastor.  Below each video will also be a link to the audio only.  

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Matthew 2:1-12

Watch the Kid's Time Video

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Note: Although I'll make a quick mention of Philemon, don't read it for reasons that will become clear at the beginning of the sermon. 




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More Christmas Eve . . . 

Luke 2: 1-20

Kid's time VIdeo

SErmon Audio 

Video of Entire Service

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